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Supplies and Tools

Paper - I use 44 lb. Epson, Matte Paper Heavyweight.
Lately I discovered that Epson also makes a 47lb matte, double-sided paper that
allows for the use of permanent markers with very little, or no bleed through.

Glue -
I use white tacky glue.
I prefer Aleene's Tacky Glue. It holds very quickly, and dries with a clear, solid bond.
I apply the glue using a toothpick. It takes very little glue to make the pieces stick together.
Needle-nose tweezers are great for clamping together small glued tabs and pieces.

Transparencies -
On some of my models I offer the option to print very detailed items such as railings and ironwork on transparency film. Also known as Overhead Transparency Film, it is sold in most office supply stores. Be sure to know what kind of printer you will be using! Inkjet printers and Laserjet printers require different type of transparencies.

Markers -
If you prefer to cover unwanted, exposed areas of white on your models, use non-bleeding black markers. I recommend "Flip Chart Markers". But be sure to test your markers on a piece of model scrap, to be sure yours does not bleed through! See "Paper" above.

Tweezers -
I use needle-nose, self closing tweezers. These are great for pinching together glued tabs and flaps which are in hard to reach places!

Cutting Mat -
I use a self-healing "Helix Cutting Mat" as my cutting surface. They are a little pricey, but they last forever, and they will PROTECT YOUR TABLE SURFACE, and extend the life of your blades!

Eye Protection -
Please use some sort of eye protections when using cutting blades! Occasionally the tips can snap off under stress, and fly. I have been hit in the face several times by a pieces of broken blade. A tiny shard of blade in your eye could have tragic consequences!

Blades -
I use X-acto brand blades. They are EXTREMELY sharp, so be very careful when handling them! Also, replace your blade often. I dull blade will make cutting more difficult, which could risk injury. A dull blade also makes a sloppy, uneven cut.
Please email photos of your finished mansion to me! I will post them in the "Builder's Gallery".
If you have any questions or comments, please email me at haunted3d@raykeim.com
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