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Please send your photos to haunted3d@raykeim.com
be sure "Haunted Dimensions" is in the subject line.


November 8, 2009
From Kay
Here are photos sent by Kay showing her completed ScreamHouse and Skoolhouse models.
Great job, Kay!

October 15, 2009
Skool is in Session in The Netherlands!
Rinus, from Lienden, the Netherlands writes:
"I've been working for my Halloween display for this year, and it turned into a bloody house.
I used are: dirt, sand, twigs, skulls with light, an illuminated moon, some figures, special paint for blood,
wooden crates and tombstones from my papercraft-collection and the Skoolhouse from your site.
I modified the belltower for a 3D-look.
It took me 4 days to finish it, and the reactions from the people is great."

You did a wonderful job, Rinus!

October 10, 2009
Halloween Project Time!
It's that time again when the Minions of the Haunted Dimensions build and post their Halloween projects!

Jan, from Hamburg, Germany who built a great version of "The Skoolhouse"!
I'm not sure what he used as a Putka Pod pumpkin replacement, but I assume it's native to Germany.

Scott sent me a photo of his Halloween diorama, including the Bates House model.

September 20, 2009
A Spot of Tea in the Garden
Konstantinos, a 15 years old in Greece, has been featured here and in The Builder's Gallery several times over the years. He is and avid model builder and always does an amazing job!
This time I want to show his latest creation, designed by himself.
Konstantinos added the garden Tea House, from the Phantom Manor grounds!

Konstantinos writes, "I really like the manor's gazebo, but I couldn't find it anywhere, something that forced me to build one. I used the roof of the New Orleans Square Haunted Mansion cupola and the door of the Phantom Manor and kinda mixed them. The result was rewarding!! I also like my models to have extra dimensions, so when you open the door you see a photo of the Grand Staircase (I couldn't find a photo of the foyer). Finally I illuminated my manor by using old Christmas lights. I hope you like it as much as I do!"

Take a look at the beautiful scene!

July 26, 2009
Phantom Manor from Scratch
Maiggie, from Quebec, sent me photos of her custom Built Phantom Manor that she designed herself!

And Kenny, from Belgium, sent photos of his Bates House, in which he installed red lights. He also built the Phantom Manor model and Entrance Pillar. Kenny writes "Because i'm now a bit more experienced, I cut out the windows and put some red lights in the house.
So it realy gives a look like a Hountend house, especially with some blacklight put on it. I also put a close up from the pillar lamp from the phantom manor in it , so you can see the transaprancy plastic."

May 2, 2009
Busy Builders
Krazy Karl, who has been mentioned on this site before, modified my mansion gate model and designed gryphons (as seen on the gates of the haunted mansion in Tokyo) to perch on top! Excellent, Karl! Here Karl shows the complete shelf-sized scene.

The next scene comes from France.
Etienne writes, "Here are my paper models:
Phantom Manor, Phantom Manor entrance pillar, Leota tombstone and Good old Fred tombstone.
I like very much your site, your models are very well made! ;-)"

Etienne, your scene is really beautiful! I am glad you enjoyed building it!

Gabriel writes:
"I just finished the clock tower model and I'm currently in progress in the bates house.
I'm very much fascinated while doing the model.
You mentioned in the website that your work is international and
alot of people are making your amazing art. I'm from the Philippines."
They are looking great, Gabe!

Kenny,from Belgium writes,
"Two weeks ago I found your website about the paper models of the Haunted Mansions.
I never heard about papercrafting, but I can't miss it anymore!
Because I am a very big disney fan and I went several times to Disneyland Paris, I immediately began with the Phantom Manor.
After a week it was completed! It is amazing. Everybody tells me it looks so great! I think I made this a successful project, because of the very good model you made. Thank you! I put some pictures on the Disneyland forum of Belgium and the reactions are great! Some people wants to start making their own “Phantom Manor” from your website."
You did a great job, Kenny! I love the addition of transparency plastic in you pillar lamp!

March 18, 2009
A Dark Ride
Sven from Germany sent photos of his 1/87 scale version of the Psychoscareapy model.
Sven transformed the Shadybrook Institute into a carnival dark ride called "Horror House", which means
it is only about 2.5 inches (6.3 cm) tall!.
Very cool, Sven!
I love the Grim Reaper posing for photos in the front!!

March 10, 2009
A Boy from Belgium
Stephan, from Antwerp, Belgium, submitted photos of his Phantom Manor and Bates House models.
Stephan told me that the Phantom Manor was his first papercraft and he is currently working on
the New Orleans Square mansion. He also modified the Entrance Pillar model, to be the entrance to his Bates House.
Beautiful work, Stephan!

March 6, 2009
A House in Australia
Mandy, from Adelaide, South Australia, sent me a photo of her completed Bates House.
With the help of her daughter, she made a beautiful house!
Thanks Mandy!

March 4, 2009
A Cut Above
Dennis writes, "Ray, This is my first experiment with your model and I enjoyed every moment working with it. I built the Psycho Mansion and did a lot of extra work to make it as realistic as possible. I colored out all the white lines from cutting out the model and added clear plastic for some window effect. I also added an inside light for "Mothers Room". I also hand cut the porch rails and ironworks on the roof...No easy task but fun!"

That was a lot of cutting, Dennis! But the re sults are spectacular!

And thank you for the donation! It is appreciated!

February 26, 2009
Go Into the Light!
Marie sent me photos of her phenomenal New Orleans Square haunted mansion model.
She created miniature hanging plant baskets for the verandah and installed lights!
Awesome. Marie!

Surreal Estate
Sean completed his Bates House model and also constructed a hill on which to place it!
Sean also made clever use of the porch stairs, by printing and buiding multiply copies and using them
to construct a staircase leading up the hill to the house! It is topped off with a
Norman silhouette, recreating the famous publicity shot from the movie (bottom).

February 18, 2009
The First Bates House Is In!
Felix, from Paderborn, Germany submitted the first photo of a completed Bates House model!

Felix writes, "I used all the optional window
and transparency parts. I also added another copy of the front door
and the "eyebrow" of the oval window for extra three-dimensionality. I
scaled the house down to 70%, so it is about 1/87th scale. The coin (2 Euros) is
about 1" in diameter."

Excellent, Felix! Beautifully built and beatuifully modified!

I am always a little nervous after releasing a new model, fearing that I forgot something or
that parts might not fit. The first successful model (built by some one else) is always a relief and
a thrill!

February 8, 2009
A Manor in Turkey
Ahmet, from Turkey, sent photos of his completed Phantom Manor.
Ahmet writes, " I have followed your works and I watch them with enjoyment".

Thank you, Ahmet! I enjoy knowing that my models are so international!
Wonderful job!

December 16, 2008
Skoolhouse with Ambiance
Ryan sent photos of his completed Skoolhouse model with mood lighting.

December 14, 2008
Another Haunted Dimensions Model Collection
Lisa sent these photos of her Halloween Haunted Dimensions model display.
Very cool, Lisa!

December 5, 2008
The Entire Collection!
Trent sent these photos of his Haunted Dimensions (haunted mansion) paper model collection.
Even I do not have the entire collection (I used to, but I keep giving them away)!
Awesome, Trent!

November 23, 2008
Skool is in Session
Sean, who goes by the screen name of "Gambit" on the Halloween Horror Nights fan forum
"HHN Vault" sent me the first photos of a completed Skoolhouse model. Great job, Sean!
To get your FREE Skoolhouse paper model kit, go to the HHN EXTRAS
web page HERE and
click on "3D Model" in the left navigtion bar.

October 29, 2008
Speaking of Haunted Dimensions Models
Once again this year, the Forest Park branch of the Clayton County Library System in Forest Park, Georgia, have created a wonderful new Halloween diorama for their patrons
using my model kits!
You can see last year's Forest Park diorama at this Flickr page.
This year's scene uses the ScreamHouse model, the Crypts, the Conservatory Coffin, Leota's Tombstone and the Phantom Manor Pillar! The scene goes one step further this year with the addition of LED lights! The Forest Park staff started working on the models in August in
order to get them completed on time!
Read about it here.

I said it last year and I'll say it again, the dedication of the staff at the Clayton County Library System in Forest Park is amazing! This diorama not only shows great pride in what they do, but it also sparks the imaginations, curiosity and creativity of their patrons, young and old! It makes me very proud to see the models used in such a wonderful way.
You can see this years Forest Park diorama at this Flickr page.

October 28, 2008
French Haunted House for a British Halloween

Chris, from England, sent me pics of his completed Phantom Manor paper model. Just in time for Halloween! You did a great job, Chris!

October 19, 2008
Scott sent me a bunch of photos of his spectacular Halloween model display. It features a wide variety of figures, textures, accessories, lights, and of course, the Haunted Dimensions paper models.
Wow, Scott, it's incredible!

Caleb sent me photos of his Conservatory Coffin model, and the Entry gate model. Caleb
Caleb writes, "I am currently working on the NOS mansion and will send pics
as soon as I finish. I am going to be at disneyland next weekend and plan to take
many pictures so I can make a proper queqe/entry way for t he model."

September 15, 2008
New Columns in Greece!
Konstantinos, who is from Greece, sent me these terrific shots of his New Orleans Square model. Constantinos has visited New Orleans Square, Liberty Square AND The Phantom Manor!
You did a beautiful job, Constantinos! I love your lighting!

Konstantinos also sent photos of his Torre del Cielo, which is also lit!

September 4, 2008
New Orleans Square in Ensenada
Alex, from Ensenada, Baja Mexico, sent me his photos of his New Orleans Square model.
Alex added lights to the entrance pillar lamps, the mansion's porch and portico and created the queue line, complete with tiny silver chains! All the lighting cables, switches and batteries are hidden behind the "train tunnel" in the back. Excellent, Alex!

September 2, 2008
Billy, who is a cast member at Disneyland (Jungle Cruise River Guide, Tiki Enchanter, Disneyland RailRoad Conductor) sent these photos of his completed haunted mansion model collection.
Great job, Billy! I'm glad you enjoyed building them!

August 24, 2008
Models by Josh
Josh sent in a photo of his completed Phantom Manor and New Orleans Square models.
You did a great job on your models, Josh! I hope you are showing them off!

August 24, 2008
A Beautiful Phantom Manor Scene
Rhodri, who was the first person to complete and submit a photo of the Phantom Manor Paper Model, sent another photo of his project. He added beautiful scenery and landscaping!
Wow, Rhodri, it is fantastic!

Please send your photos to haunted3d@raykeim.com
Be sure that "Haunted Dimensions" is in the subject line.

July 31, 2008
More Magnificent Models
Matthew, from Gilbert, Arizona constructed the New Orleans Square model. Matthew tells me that this is only the second paper model he has ever built, but it looks like he's a pro.
Can you see Cinderella (from the Disney Parks Collectors pack) up on the second floor verandah?

Will, from Seattle, WA created this beautiful collection of Haunted Mansions. This is also Will's first experience with paper modeling, and despite a few small set-backs, such as runny glue and a collapsing shelf, the models look spectacular!

Speaking of Haunted 3D models, Patrick sent me photos of the first
Canadian Phantom Manor model.
It looks awesome, Patrick!

June 27 , 2008
A Phantom Manor in Turkey
Yusuf Gul, who lives in Turkey, sent me photos of his completed Phantom Manor model.
Excellent job, Yusuf!

June 12 , 2008
Drew's Models
I received these photos of Drew's Liberty Square Paper Model. He scaled the model to be HO scale.
Great job, Drew!

April 19, 2008
Light Up Leota
Carrie sent me photos of the modifications she made to the Leota tombstone model.
Carrie writes: "In the curved relief of leota I cut out her eyes and used Vellum for scrapbooking to cover the backs of the openings. Before I added the eyes I carefully added her eyes to the velum with a sheer marker. I cut a hole in the front of the tombstone behind where the relief covers, I also cut a hole in the back of the tombstone to allow the insetion of the light.
I used a simple battery operated tea light to light it".

The center photo (above) shows the support strap for the electric tealight.
Carrie also included photos of her other completed models.

Fantastic mod, Carrie!

Cut Details
Tom writes: "I printed the railings a second time on regular printer paper and glued them
to the reverse side of the card railings so that I wouldn't see the white
backing of the paper from any angle. I took the time to cut out the iron
rails along the roof (after printing a whole black page on the reverse
side of them) and am quite happy with the results."
Wow, Bill!

April 15, 2008
A Phantom Manor in New York
Tom, who is thirteen years old, constructed this beautiful version of the Phantom Manor model, along with the Entrance Pillar, and two of the tombstones.
Tom writes: "I am going to soon make the New Orleans Square Haunted Mansion. I can't wait to complete that one, too."

You should be proud of yourself, Tom! I hope you send me a photo of your
New Orleans Square model when it is finished!

April 14, 2008
School Project
Twelve year old Willem, from the Netherlands, had a school project about the Phantom Manor and he constructed the Phantom Manor model as part of his presentation!

Very impressive, Willem! I hope you received a good grade!
Your model looks great!

April 3, 2008
Haunted Mansion Models Are Everywhere!
I received more model photo submissions last week, and they seem to be getting more and more creative and elaborate.

Pete, from Kansas City, MO built his Phantom Manor model, and retouched the photo to look like an old sepia tone photograph. Very creepy and realistic!

Karl, who is from Canada, but currently living in Korea, constructed this gorgeous diorama. Karl's clever use of craft beads and charms made for a spectacular recreation of the cemeteries and landscaping elements .
Karl writes: "While I was Halloween shopping, I discovered the wonderful world of beads and charms. I found a crow and many animal charms to make a pet cemetery (D&D miniatures were also used). Their bases are made with fancy beads (or foam-board). Other beads can be used to make lamps and lamp stands. There were some chair charms and a metal backing for a gemstone that made an excellent outdoor table set. All the windows light up, including the front porch."
Karl also included cut-outs of Roman Dirge's haunted mansion characters, used in the "Welcome Foolish Mortals" comic book series. It's a fantastic work of art, Karl!

Jack sent photos of all three of his completed haunted mansions.
Pete writes: "In the Phantom Manor mansion I put lights in the windows to give it an eerie look.
I added trees to The Liberty Square and New Orleans Square mansions to make them more life like".
I LOVE the lights in your Pahntom Manor, Jack! I especially love the yellow porch light!
I'm going to have to learn how to add lights to my models!

March 21, 2008
Mega Model!
Jeff writes: "I tried to build the New Orleans Squares model but got a little frustrated with the gluing of all the small pieces, so I went bigger, 4 times as big to be exact!"
Below is a photo comparison of the orginal size (left) and Jim's mega-sized New Orleans Square model.
I cannot tell what size paper Jeff used, but it appears that he printed the larger model in sections, then pieced together the sections to create the oversized parts. A lot of work, but it looks great!

Phantom Manor Model in America
Carrie from Louisville Kentucky submitted the first Phantom Manor model photo from the US!
Very "moody" photo, Carrie. :)

January 6, 2008
Haunted Happenings at Forest Park
The Clayton County Library System web site posted photos of a beautiful Halloween display that was built for the Forest Park Branch Library in Forest Park, Georgia. The display, wh ich was constructed by the Forest Park staff, features the Liberty Square Mansion, The New Orleans Square mansion, and the miniature crypts. They also created a paper mache hill and cliff face, as well as little tissue ghosts!

You can read about it at their site, HERE
They also posted a Flickr site with detailed photos, HERE

This was a lot of work, and it was a wonderful thing to do for the patrons of the Forest Park Branch Library! It is a testimony to the dedication of the staff!

BRAVO, Forest Park!

March 19, 2008
The United Kingdom Scores Another!
This is the second Phantom Manor model submission, and once again
it comes from the United Kingdom!
Gareth, from Bristol UK writes,
"I know Rhodri was the first in Wales to create the model. Am I the first in England???"
Yes you are, Gareth, and you did a magnificent job!
Gareth also writes, "I also shone my black light on the model and the
result was quite surprising and beautiful."

So, the question now is, will Scotland represent? :)

March 14, 2008
Liberty Square Mansion Masterpiece
Tim, who works for Universal Hollywood, constructed this magnificent Liberty Square haunted mansion, and surrounding grounds, as a birthday gift to a friend. Tim also designed his own front patio and stairway which leads from the mini Entra nce Pillar model at the front of the path.

Tim writes, "I adapted the house to contain a light at the
top of the tower, as well as lights in the greenhouse. I also cut out all the
windows in the greenhouse and backed that structure with a green plastic film to
give it more of a true 'glass' look. I made the bat weathervane so it freely spins."

Well Tim, I am sure there are a lot of people looking at this and wishing THEY were getting this for their birthdays!

March 11, 2008
The First Phantom Manor Submission!
Rhodri, from Britain writes,
"I had been waiting for the phantom manor model kit to come out for
some time and as soon as you released it I printed it out straight away
and began work on it for two days straight! "
"I think my phantom manor model is the only one in Britain at the
moment! (in Wales at least)."

Brilliant job, Rhodri!
Congrats on being the first!
You have no idea how good it feels for me to see this!

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