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2006 - 2007

July 4, 2006
The First Completed NOS Models!
I am already getting photos from people who have completed their New Orleans Square paper model kits! It appears that the model and instructions are solid, and (people other than myself) can build it!

So here is the VERY FIRST photo I rceived!
It is from "Future Castmember". He tells me that he has constructed my entire collection of paper models, and the New Orleans Square model took him a day and a half to complete.
Excellent job, and I love the blue lighting, and the hitchhiker figures!

Jessica sent this shot of her NOS model, taking the photo from a dramatic angle.

And this one is from Pete. It looks beautiful!

It is very exciting to see that the model can be built successfully!

July 6, 2006
Another Completed NOS Model
Corin tells me that this is her FIRST paper model kit!
Very impressive, Corin! I like the addition of the entrance gate too!

July 11, 2006
A Tiny Mansion!
I received some photo from Mike, who built the New Orleans Square Haunted mansion paper Model Kit reduced %50! The model is roughly 4.5" wide x 5" long x 5.5" tall to the top of the weathervane.

He wrote: "A fun build, and the only fit issues I had were due to the reduced print size; the
thickness of the stock compunds errors rather a lot this way. :-)"

Stunning work, Mike!

October 9, 2006
Submissions a'plenty!
While I was at Universal I received a few more photos of complted models!

First, this wonderful display, featuring the Liberty Square model, was created by Kirk. Unfortunately Kirk's dog liked the flavor of some the pieces, but everything turned out great!

Next are the models built by Skypp from North Hollywood. He built these beauties while recovering from a nasty surgery. Ironically, I designed my first model (Liberty Square) while I was recovering from surgery. I am VERY glad my projects helped you through a difficult time!

October 9, 2006
Liberty Square Display
Renee sent me a photo of her Liberty Square Haunted Mansion model, which is part of a beautiful Halloween display in her home. The hearse is a great touch!

You can see all of the photos of models submitted to Haunted Dimensions here

January 16, 2007
I Want One!
Check out these photos of the New Orleans Square model built by Michael A.!

Not only did he shrink his mansion to 4 inches tall, he also made beautiful miniature landscaping, entrance pillars, walls and a cemetery!!!

Look how big it is compared to a Sharpie marker (below).

Stunning job, Michael!

January 17, 2007
More Models
It looks like my fellow minions have been busy! I recieved more photos of completed paper model kits, and they look terrific!

Here, Lisa T. shows us her Entrance Gate, New Orleans Square mansion, and the Torre del Cielo which is part of her Pirates themed kitchen display.

Here is the Liberty Square haunted mansion by Greg N. who is displaying it in his dorm room. Greg was snowed in for a couple of days so he put his time to good use! The blue light is from his "Glade Light Show" air freshener.

February 7 , 2007
Mini Coffin Model
Leroy sent me this photo of his completed Conservatory Coffin model, which he built at 33% of the actual size!
Here you can see the model compared with his knife handle, which makes it about 3 inches long!
Leroy said that it seemed easier to build it smaller than larger. And yes, it's
completely functional.
Excellent, Leroy! Thanks for sharing!

March 18, 2007
Scott's N.O.S.
Scott C. sent me these shots of his New Orleans Square model.
It looks great!

June 28, 2007
Juergen, from Germany, created this scene with my Univeral, Orlando Halloween Horror Nights model of Shadybrook. Very cool!

June 30, 2007
Liberty Square Shrink-down
Mike sent me this terrific photo showing both of the Liberty Square Haunted Mnasion paper models he constructed. The top mansion was built at its normal scale, but he built the bottom mansion at 50%.

Mike also installed lights to make his model look like one of my Haunted Mansion illustrations.
Amazing job, Mike!
Thanks for sharing!

August 5, 2007
Attack of the 100 Foot Kitty
Josh sent me this great photo of his completed New Orleans Square paper model.
Great job, Josh!

August 30, 2007
I received another photo of a successfully constructed paper model mansions.

Here is a an entire landscape, created by PJ in Richmond, VA!

October 22, 2007
I recently recieved a few more beautifully constructed haunted mansion models.

Duane sent in his completed Conservatory Coffin model. I like the back drop!

Here is Pete's New Orleans Square Mansion.

And Tony submitted his Liberty Square mansion that he photographed under back light.

October 27 , 2007
Haunted Mansion Holiday Overlay
This is too cool!
Kellen writes:
"The other day I was visiting Disneyland and I thought to myself, "how cool
would it be if there was a way to transform my haunted mansion paper model into the
haunted mansion holiday". So I went home and worked on it for a couple of hours and
I managed to make it work. What I created was decorations that fit onto the original
model you designed, but nothing is glued or taped on. Everything hangs by wire
fittings, so the decorations can be added during the holidays. I have some pictures
for you so you can see the finished product.

I hope you enjoy them!"

Here are the pieces Kellen created before they were attached,

This is a brilliant modification, Kellen!

Please send your photos to haunted3d@raykeim.com
Be sure that "Haunted Dimensions" is in the subject line.

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