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Please send your photos to haunted3d@raykeim.com
be sure "Haunted Dimensions" is in the subject line.

2005 - 2006

June 13 , 2005
And here it is...
the first submitted Liberty Square Paper Model photo!

It was built by Terry, in San Antonio, Texas, who also happens to work for Newtek, Inc.
(the makers of LightWave 3D®, which was invaluable in the creation of my mansions).
Terry's model is currently on display at the Newtek offices.
Excellent job, Terry! It looks fantastic!
This is photographic proof to myself that
the model can actually be built (beautifully) by other people!

Keep the submissions coming in, and I'll show them!

June 22 , 2005
Here is a Liberty Square Paper Model built by Fred Zealor, an Air Show announcer from California. Fred built this model at 50% of the full sized model, printing 2 pages of parts on 8.5"x11" sheets!
"About the only thing that I couldn't cut out at this size were the N,E,S,W letters for the weather vane - too darn small! "

Amazing job, Fred!

June 29 , 2005
Trader Sam, from disneyexperience.com has struck again! This time he shows us his completed, and modified Liberty Square model.
Sam used the reverse printing technique to make a mirrored version of the roof crest pieces, which he glued back-to-back, for a very clean effect.
BUT, he went further! He cut the front door so it could be opened, then he made a minature version of the mansion foyer room, which you can see in the bottom right photo. And why can you see the foyer room so well? Because he installed MINIATURE LIGHTS in the foyer! He also installed lights in the porch sconces, and the left window!

July 11, 2005
Today's entry comes from Mayer Brenner.
Unbelievably, Mayer printed FOUR model parts pages per sheet of paper, and constructed a mansion which is 4.5" tall, and 5.75" wide!
This photo says it all. Mayer placed a Florida quarter (of course) on the front steps.

He even used the doudle sided printing techinique for the ironwork!!

And here it is on the keyboard of his 15" Powerbook.

Stunning job, Mayer!
Thanks for the photos!

August 12, 2005
Brent Baker, from Huntsville, Alabama sent in these images of h is completed mansion (including the new entrance pillars). Brent added a triangular support beneath the front stairs for added reinforcement. Excellent job, Brent! Thanks for the photos (the lightning is a nice touch)!

March 6, 2006

August 13, 2005
Dan Howland, from dannysland.blogspot.com, completed his Liberty Square model, and included a weathervane mod made from Q-tips. He lost one of the chimneys, and ingeniously replaced it with a section of repainted pencil! Read his blog about it here.

March 8, 2005
This beauty comes from Brian in Wheatland, NY.
Brian started his mansion at it's first release, and added updates to as I tweaked the model through at least 4 versions before coming up with the final model. Thanks for your patience, Brian!
Brian created a base for the model using foam board and covering the top half with a cobblestone pattern, and the bottom half with the famous "demon wallpaper" from the mansion ride.

December 8, 2005
Award Winning Mansion Model

Expert Paper Model Designer, Jonathan Leslie, from the Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Learning Center, who created an online photo log of his construction process of my Liberty Square Paper Model Kit, won third prize for his efforts in a Scale Modeling Enthusiast model building competition! Many of the models Jon was competing against were plastic model kits.
Congratulations, Jon!

May 1 , 2006
Here a spooky, candle lit photo of the Liberty Square model constructed by Greg Rodriguez.
Thanks Greg, you did a great job !

June 8 , 2006
Joe Stubler sent in a photo of his Liberty Square model and says,
"This is the first time I have ever completed a project like this. It was just the right
amount of difficulty. Now I'm ready to give the New Orleans Square a go! Can't wait."

Fantastic job, Joe! Looks like it was done by a professional!

June 9, 2006
Teeny Torre
Fred Zealor is at it again. This time he sent me a photo of his finished Torre del Cielo paper model. He printed the model at 50% so both pages of the PDF fit on one 8.5x11 sheet. His torre is less than 4.5 inches tall!

June 19, 2006
Paper Model Maven
Fellow minion, Maxwell Mitchell, sent me a bunch of great shots of his Haunted Dimensions model collection! Here he shows his Liberty Square Haunted Mansion with eerie glowing conservatory, and his hitchhikers standing amid the stones, crypts and entrance gate.

And here is his Torre del Cielo, surrounded by his Pirates of the Caribbean figures. I like the "customized" PotC brick wall, and I want those figures!

Beautiful job, Maxwell! Thanks for the photos!!

Please send your photos to haunted3d@raykeim.com
Be sure that "Haunted Dimensions" is in the subject line.

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