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February 20 , 2005
This process of rebuilding the WDW Liberty Square Mansion in 3D, is a tough dragon to control! At what point can it be considered "finished"? Well, the answer is "not yet", I guess. But I believe the mansion structure is fairly complete. I'm sure I'll make lots of small tweaks as I continue messing with it.
Certainly it needs some "dead" plant life. Some trees, shrubs, etc, to fill in the landscaping. I also have to figure out what to do with the "distant margins", where the model's ground plane ends. I might have to create a sky dome, which will have the sky, and clouds, but could also have a distant tree line which would hide the fact that the model is actually hanging in a black void. If you roam too far away from my mansion, you would literally fall off the edge of the world after about 10 yards!

I decided that an important part of the landscape would have to be the cemetery! The WDW mansion has 13 tombstones (not counting the pet cemetery, which I will NOT be recreating) , which greet the visitor as they enter the colonnade, just before entering mansion. The epitaphs are well known to the average mansion fan, and actually honor the imagineers who were key leaders in the creation of the attraction.

In memory of
our patriarch,
dear departed
Grandpa Marc
Marc Davis, a legendary designer and artist for Disney, is responsible for almost all of the concept art for the Haunted Mansion. A genius in his field!

Francis Xavier,
no time off for
good behavior
Francis Xavier "X" Atencio helped develop the Haunted Mansion story line, and wrote the mansion's theme song "Grim, Grinning Ghosts". He also voices some of the ghosts.


Here lies a man
named Martin,
the lights went out
on this old Spartan
Bud Martin was the director of the Imagineering special effects department.


Dear departed
Brother Dave,
he chased a bear
into a cave
Dave Burkhart was the model builder for the Haunted Mansion.


Master Gracey
laid to rest,
no mourning please
at his request
Yale Gracey was responsible for many of the special effects seen in the Haunted Mansion


Good friend Gordon,
now you've crossed
the River Jordan
Gordon Williams designed much of the sound effects for the Mansion and assisted with the Audio-Animatronics programming.

In memoriam
Uncle Myall,
here you'll lie
for quite a while
Chuck Myall was a designer at WED Enterprises who aided in the overall planning of the Magic Kingdom .

Rest in peace
Cousin Huet,
we all know
you didn't do it
Cliff Huet was an architect and lead interior designer.


Wathel R. Bender,
he rode to glory
on a fender
Peaceful Rest
An innovator in the area of Audio-Animatronics, Wathel Rogers also helped program many of the figures in the Haunted Mansion.


Mister Sewell,
the victim of
a dirty duel
Peaceful Rest
Bob Sewell was one of the head modelers at WED Enterprises.


Here lies
good old Fred,
a great big rock
fell on his head
This inscription is a tribute to Fred Joerger, an art director for the Haunted Mansion.


At peaceful rest
lies Brother Claude,
planted here
beneath this sod
Claude Coats w as the Imagineer who came up with the layout of the OmniMover ride track for the Haunted Mansion, as well as numerous concept sketches.


Dear sweet Leota,
beloved by all
In regions beyond now,
but having a ball
Of course, Madame Leota is the face we see in the crystal ball, who calls all the spirits to the "swinging wake", which takes place for the second half of the mansion ride. And Leota's stone is the only one which has it's own "special effect".
Visit disneyworldtrivia.com for more epitaphs and trivia

Using photographs (my own, and few from other web sites) I recreated the 13 tombstones in 3D (below), and I will map the epitaphs on them before I incorporate them into the model.

I've also decided to enlarge the cemetery so it will wrap partly around the yard surrounding Leota Room. This could be considered a small homage to the recent movie version of "The Haunted Mansion", which had a huge cemetery behind the mansion.

February 21 , 2005
I finished mapping the epitaph photographs to the tombstone objects, and they look pretty good. Below, is a rendering of the tombstones seen from the vantage point of the ride's entrance doors. The sky and trees you see in the background are a part of the new sky dome I created. See more about the sky dome creation on the next page.
A minor problem I've come across is finding the exact positioning of the stones in relation to each other. For some reason I didn't take enough detailed photos of the cemetery while I was there, and I'm finding other photos (from online sources) which show some of the stones in varying spots. So I'll need the help from a Haunted Dimensions fan, to find out their current, correct positions (remember, this is the WDW mansion). Please email me if you know them.

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